Kind regards

Joan - 97480424


07.12.2018 11:33


Hi there . Is this halal?

10.11.2018 09:57


Hi, I would like to order a cake for my mother birthday. Just a normal size will do. Can you kindly advise the price and design? Thank you.

12.11.2018 14:28

joan lim

Pls. WhatsApp me 97480424

16.09.2018 14:52


Hihi.. I want to order a Pokemon jelly for birthday on 12 Oct. May I check how much and the size for JET62, JET 63 PKM and JB 135 PKM. Thanks.

05.10.2018 00:05


hi Elaine;
please call Joan, HP 97480424 for number of pax to the size of the birthday jelly. thanks

22.08.2018 03:09

mdn Quek

would like to order Jet 8 (Happy birthday and hello ketty) docoration only. how much is the order please. Can l collect on 25/8 morning.

05.08.2017 09:36



Can I check how big and how much is JMT 14 please ? Thank you.

08.07.2017 16:46

Sally Loh

Please update me on jelly making classes.

22.05.2017 09:52

Kennise Chiew

Hi, I would like to order 1 JB40, may I know how big is the size? I need to collect by 2nd Jun, is it possible? Please revert asap.

10.04.2017 07:17


Hi Joanne, do u make jelly for Easter celebrations? For 100 pax. A big rectangular one will be good.

27.02.2017 03:13


Hi, would like to order a airplane birthday cake, how the charges like? How Long does it takes ?

10.01.2017 14:36


Thanks Joan for designing The jelly bean cake for my birthday! Is really nice and not sweet! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Suitable for old people at home

17.08.2016 09:03

May Wee

Hello Joan, is it able to order for tmr noon?

17.08.2016 16:32


For orders, please whapps with this number, 97480424.

26.07.2016 15:11


I would like to check whether do you have Ultraman design Jelly? How can I place order? What is the minimum weight to order?

01.07.2016 14:45


Hi,do you delivery toRaffles Place on sunday? Any delivery change?

03.05.2016 07:47

Philip Seah

Hi Joan

Love your jelly and dessert

18.09.2015 15:30


Do you provide delivery?

15.08.2015 07:10


Hi, any special design for Teacher's Day and what are the sizes and prices? Thks

23.05.2016 11:48


Hi, do you all provide delivery? Any delivery charge? Any design for teachers day? How much n what is the price

24.07.2015 03:57


hi, I saw a picture of the agar agar that looks like egg and lotus root. may I know how much does it cost? what's the minimum amount to order? thank you!

29.04.2015 12:02


Do you have vegetarian options?
Thank you

01.02.2015 14:58

Robyn Low

My tasting convinced me to order 20 noodle jelly cups for friends who instantly liked the creative idea of turning jelly into a form of art (like what the Japanese do). And, of course them.

18.12.2014 10:37


Shop owner is attentive and friendly.
Brought a Christmas theme jelly today, taste is awesome, price is reasonable. :)